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Vast is a global GPU marketplace focused on lowering the price of cloud GPU rentals for AI/ML and any GPU related compute needs. Using a sharing economy approach, offers GPU rentals for 4-6X less than alternatives.

How it works #

Professional hosts list their machines on by running our management software. Hosts then set pricing for the rental type (on-demand or interruptible), storage and bandwidth. Detailed information about the machine is used by the interface to provide matchmaking and search functionality for users who rent their desired GPU(s).

Users who want to rent GPUs can search through the available offers. Filters are available for virtually all parts of the machine including GPU type, GPU ram, CPU and system RAM. Pricing is displayed for the GPU rental, storage and any bandwidth charges. To rent a machine, a user will need to make an account and add credits to their account either by attaching a credit card and buying credits with it or paying with crypto through the integration.

Vast uses Linux docker images. Users can select any private or public repo with a Linux docker image and load it onto a rented machine. A few common launch modes are supported such as SSH and Jupyter. Common docker images, such as Pytorch with Jupyter preloaded, are preset in the interface.

Getting Started #

Jump into the Quick start guide to get an overview on renting on Vast and to rent your first GPU instance!

Guides: Jump right in #

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

Stable Diffusion

Disco Diffusion

Windows SSH/SCP Guide

Google Colab

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