Full Employment for GPUs

Tap into Vast’s global customer base and open a new revenue stream for your GPU hardware. We connect you with customers and provide simple tools to streamline hosting. Set your own prices and schedules. We handle the marketing and get clients so you can focus on the hardware.

Are your GPUs in a datacenter?

Vast verifies and highlights hosting partners who maintain server grade equipment in a professionally managed datacenter environment. Our customers love the security and pay a premium for the peace of mind. Don't let idle time be a cost burden; let it be a new revenue stream. By listing your GPUs on Vast, you get to:

Increase ROI

Maximize the return on your hardware investments and reduce the payback period of your GPUs.

Earn continuously

Fill in your downtime between long-term rentals by renting out your GPUs on Vast.

Get global exposure

Vast's network brings a worldwide customer base right to your doorstep. It's an easy way to expand your market reach without additional marketing expenses.


If your GPUs are in a qualified datacenter, apply by sending us an email to with the number of GPUs, hardware specs and location of the datacenter.

For Entrepreneurs and GPU Farm Owners

Transform your mining farm into a GPU training center and start earning. Whether you are a small-scale GPU owner or run a full-fledged GPU farm, Vast is your platform for turning your GPUs into a profitable business:

Start with ease

Setting up your business has never been this simple. List your GPUs on Vast and start earning today

Find your niche

Our customers desire a wide variety of hardware. Find a customer base for your hardware and understand where you can improve.

Grow your business

The demand for GPUs is skyrocketing. Get in on the ground floor of this rapidly expanding market and drive your business growth with Vast.

For Individuals and Businesses with GPUs

For Individuals and Businesses with GPUs

Earn from idle time

GPUs can be costly. Make yours work for you even when you're not using it by renting it out on Vast.

Safe and secure

Your GPUs are valuable, and we treat them that way. Vast offers a secure platform where your hardware is protected.

Transparent process

With Vast, renting out your GPU is straightforward. We handle all the technicalities, and you enjoy the returns.

Who’s behind

At Vast, we're all about empowering GPU owners. Don't let your resources sit idle when they could be earning for you. Whether you are a datacenter, an entrepreneur, or an individual, it's time to unlock the earning potential of your GPUs with Vast.

For all our hosts we provide:

Automatic Management

Vast automatically manages the complexities of hosting. You can get started quickly with the suggested defaults or customize pricing and contractual terms.

Our management layer automatically schedules resources to maximize profitability, dynamically switching between jobs so that mining and other interruptible tasks run whenever higher paying contracts are unavailable. Customers can rent out various combinations of GPUs and other resources on multi-GPU systems while the remaining GPUs continue working on background tasks.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that every host is different, and pretending otherwise is inefficient. Have a monthly bandwidth cap? You can charge for metered bandwidth. Have cheap fiber internet? Then, perhaps you want to offer simpler pricing plans with unlimited bandwidth.

We offer enough customization over GPU, CPU, storage, and bandwidth billing combinations to suit your needs. As a Host, you can recommend defaults or define your pricing structure. We provide the tools you need to become your own cloud provider.

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