Announcing AMD Support

- Team Vast

May 3, 2024-Industry

As the world's first marketplace for cloud GPU rental, is excited to announce another first: we're expanding our offerings to include AMD support!

With this latest update, we're welcoming both the Radeon and Instinct product lines from AMD to the existing array of NVIDIA machines available for rent on our marketplace. As we widen the range of supported hardware, we can help connect even more customers with the specific GPU compute requirements they're looking for.

Here are the AMD GPUs we have available now.

Now Supporting AMD Instinct and Radeon GPUs

The Instinct line is AMD's brand of data center GPUs, intended to accelerate deep learning, artificial neural network, and high-performance computing tasks, while the Radeon line is aimed at gaming and consumer-grade applications. With both now supported on Vast, this expansion means more versatility and options for all of our users.

Travis Cannell, COO at, highlights the strategic advantage of the update: "We are interested in partnering with managed service providers who have the Instinct line and who want to increase the utilization of their clusters, as well as the Radeon line for as our users have needs for remote gaming, rendering and more."

Ultimately, our platform will now be better equipped to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our user base – from data centers to gamers and everyone in between. Whether you're scaling up operations or just starting out, we're here to support your computing journey.

How to Get Started

To browse the active AMD listings on, you will need to select an AMD template which will then filter results for AMD GPUs. Renters looking to leverage these new GPU options on Vast should use the ROCm template. The two templates supported now include an Ubuntu 22.04 image and a PyTorch image.

To see the active results, select the desired template:

You can also find the latest AMD templates by looking for AMD on the template page. AMD Templates

How to Host AMD Equipment

For those interested in hosting their GPUs, provides comprehensive instructions in our Machine Hosting Setup guide.

Whether you're setting up an AMD or NVIDIA machine, the step-by-step guide gives you all the information you need to get started. From system requirements and networking configuration to troubleshooting and how to list your machine, learn to optimize your hosting setup and get up and running as soon as possible.

Leading the Way in GPU Rental Innovation

The addition of support for AMD GPUs comes at a time when has announced an incredible 265% year-over-year growth since 2019. This growth illustrates the heavy demand in the GPU rental market. With more than 350 independent hosts supplying 16,000+ GPUs – and growing – efficiently matches GPU supply and demand, ensuring that every user finds the best deal for their specific compute needs.

As leads the charge in GPU rental innovation, the addition of AMD support is more than just an upgrade – it's also a reflection of our commitment to the democratization of AI. Join us as we continue to make powerful computing more accessible to everyone.

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