September Product Update

- Team Vast

September 23, 2023-GPU Product Update | September 2023

At, we understand how crucial it is to provide our customers with the top-notch performance that they’ve come to expect from our platform. To that end, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and bring you a service that continues to innovate.

When bugs pop up on occasion, we work quickly to address and rectify them, ensuring seamless performance moving forward. The following are some of the latest bug fixes we’ve made since our previous product update:

  • Hosts can no longer set a price below 0
  • Template editor now updates correctly
  • Broken template link has been fixed
  • Issue with Backblaze data sync is fixed
  • Backblaze copy now has an “operation complete” message

NVIDIA Cloud GPU Updates

In our product updates, we also aim to deliver enhancements that make the user experience as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. Below are some of the latest adjustments we’ve made to boost usability and performance:

  • Replaced the modal errors on the search page with snackbars (messages that temporarily show on the screen)
  • Added a snackbar that says “copied” when someone copies a shareable link
  • The instance extended view now shows actual status and intended status instead of current state and next state
  • Template editor version tag will now auto-populate the docker image version
  • Machine page client end date is no longer an editable box

You can check out the full change log for our September 2023 product updates below. It is our hope that these latest changes will continue to advance our goal of making as user-friendly as possible for our current and future customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you with your GPU computing needs, or if you need some help with deployment on our cost-effective infrastructure, please feel free to contact us anytime. There is a chatbox at the bottom right for your convenience, and you can also reach us via email at, or join our Discord server for instant access to a wealth of information and resources.

Change Log

  • Replaced the modal errors on search page with snackbars

  • Added a snackbar that says "copied" when someone copies a shareable link

  • Report machine icon is now a wrench and the warning (!) icon is used for scheduled maintenance

  • The instance extended view shows intended status and actual status vs. current state and next state

  • Template editor version tag will auto-populate the docker image version

  • Machine page client end date is now not an editable box

  • Bugfix: hosts now cannot set a price below 0

  • Bugfix: Backblaze copy now has an "operation complete" message

  • Bugfix: template editor now updates correctly

  • Bugfix: issue with Backblaze data sync fixed

  • Bugfix: search page inline image editor clicks/button pushes only do 1 clear action

  • Bugfix: broken template link is fixed

  • CLI driver_version field now supports >, >= queries

  • Reserve credit balance calculation now based on GPU+storage

  • New cluster rental page for cluster orders -

  • Added more visible warning that Coinbase does not support refunds

  • Problem button stays orange after problem is reported on that machine

  • Selecting template with no account active now opens login flow

  • Cloud copy dialogue closes once operation starts

  • Cloud copy remembers last arguments

  • Earning dashboard shows payment service type

  • GPU price for a stopped instance now displays in gray strikethrough when stopped

  • Template editor renamed "Dockerhub location" to "Docker Options"

  • Bugfix: fixed GPU flops display

  • Bugfix: expired contracts now charging correctly

  • Bugfix: template page template links fixed

  • Bugfix: cloud sync now reporting errors correctly

  • Bugfix: "add card" message in upper right now displays correctly

  • Bugfix: bandwidth pricing for hosts now displays correctly in machine interface

  • Bugfix: client end date now ignores host jobs

  • Bugfix: docker tag selector fixed for the inline template editor

  • Bugfix: env variables not highlighted red

  • Bugfix: template readme editor working again

  • Bugfix: open button logic fixed

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