GPU Clusters
Vast provides access to large-scale GPU clusters with high speed interconnect in Tier 2-4 data centers around the world. Send us your requirements and quickly get quotes from individual data centers. Harness Vast's network of independently operated data centers and get the best pricing and match for your cluster rental. The cluster is delivered bare metal and hosted in Tier 2-4 data center for maximum security. Send us your requirements today!
Reserved Clusters
Access large-scale clusters of A100 80GB SMX4 and H100 GPUs with best-in-class networking when you need them. Manage multiple clusters simultaneously and scale resources vertically and horizontally.
High-performance Networking
Many GPU clusters are powered by NVIDIA’s A100 NVLINK GPUs coupled to InfiniBand GPU Direct RDMA (up to 1.6Tb/s throughput). Leverage NVIDIA’s SHARP technology to achieve unparalleled performance for LLM training, large-scale deep learning, and HPC workloads.
Protect Your IP
Run on dedicated clusters located in ISO-certified Tier 2-4 data centers. Deploy your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking rules. Access bare metal servers for your most sensitive workloads in a protected, secure environment.
Large Scale Low Prices
Access dedicated high-performance clusters at lower costs compared to major clouds. Never be limited by available capacity or costs, reach true scale anywhere around the globe. Reserve the best prices for the upcoming H100 80GB with 3.2Tb/s InfiniBand by contacting our cloud experts using the link below.
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