Vast Product Update | April 2023

- Team Vast

April 15, 2023-Vast

Ongoing product updates are an important part of what we offer at Our customers get excellent performance and reliability in large part because of the consistency with which we work to improve our service. As a customer, you can not only expect to get outstanding NVIDIA GPU cloud performance on day one, but you can expect that experience to continue to improve over time.

The starting point for every product update is to address any bugs that have popped up along the way. Our latest update is no different, including the fixes listed below --

  • Ensuring all instances show on instance page
  • Correct port allocation that caused instances to fail to start
  • Improve disk speed test rates
  • Solve error on 4090s causing NVLINK to show erroneously
  • Fix billing page error that showed ratelimit error
  • Disable extra filters with the show incompatible filter

If you are an existing user, you will notice that these fixes streamline your experience and make the product more enjoyable to use day after day. For potential new customers, you can rest assured that these fixes were made promptly and the save level of service will be delivered on future corrections that need to be made.

NVIDIA Cloud GPU Fixes

Fixes are one thing, but we also utilize updates to deliver added capabilities and flexibility to the platform. Here are some of the highlights --

  • The Juypter open button will run a test to confirm it is running before displaying
  • Updated the mobile UX to improve info bar issues
  • GUI filter settings now persist
  • Hosts receive email notifications of expired machines
  • Add ability to delete templates from recent tab
  • Added 4080 and 4070 search filter
  • Added function for hosts to disconnect Stripe connect for payouts

To confirm the many features and capabilities offered by, you are welcome to view our full documentation, or you can simply reach out directly to our team for more information. You can chat with us directly here on our site, where we will respond quickly and clear up any confusion you may have about what we offer. We also offer a Discord server that you can join to learn more, or you can drop us a message at Either way, we would be happy to assist you with your GPU rental needs.

Change Log

-bugfix with the instance page to ensure all instances show

-bugfix with port allocation causing instances failing to start

-bugfix on the slow rate of disk speed tests

-bugfix on 4090s causing NVLINK to erroneously show

-bugfix on the billing page which sometimes showed a ratelimit error

-bugfix with the show incompatible filter to disable extra filters

-total instances cost per hour/day meter added in the billing page

-Juypter open button now tests to ensure Juypter is running before displaying

-Filters can be passed into the create page via URL

-Updated the mobile UX to fix login/user infobar issues

-Added the ability for hosts to disconnect Stripe connect for payouts

-Added a new recommended template for Bittensor 3.7.0 with readme (edited)

-Relisting offers will only extend the end date of existing contracts when the new price is the same or less

-CLI command to cancel rsync added

-Added ability to delete templates from recent tab

-Added the ability to create a readme file for templates

-Docs updated to reflect template system

-GUI filter settings now persist

-Hosts now receive email notification of expired machines

-Added 4080 and 4070 to search filter (edited)

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