Jobs for:

Software Engineer

Front-End Engineer

As a Front-End Engineer you'll be primarily focused on taking Figma designs and implementing them for the core website and pages, including the homepage, pricing page, documentation and related pages. Additionally there are tasks related to the product in the console. Your time will be 60/40 with an initial focus on the marketing pages.

Back-End Developer

We are looking for a backend developer that can own the existing backend of the GPU marketplace. Your primary responsibility will be to develop and maintain the server-side logic, databases, and application integration of our GPU marketplace. You'll play a crucial role in ensuring the performance and reliability of our platform, addressing complex challenges in scaling and data management.

Full-Stack Web Developer

We are looking for a full stack developer that can own the GPU marketplace. The primary responsibility will be to take ownership of the bulk of the website, fix bugs and to ship features for both hosts and cloud rental customers.

Systems/GPU Programmer

Do you have a passion for systems, GPU programming and high performance infrastructure? In this role you will help develop new high performance tensor libraries and auto optimization tools.

QA Engineer

As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you'll be crucial in maintaining the high quality of our GPU platform. You will focus on creating and implementing testing procedures for all our supported Docker templates as well as the user interface and the CLI.

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