Docs - Autoscaler

Pyworker Debugging

Please note the Autoscaler is currently in Beta, and is subject to changes and downtime.

The vast-pyworker framework will automatically detect some errors, and other errors will cause the instanace to timeout. Once the autoscaler server has been notified that there is something wrong with an instance it will destroy it (or reboot), but if you want to manually debug an issue with an instance, you can check in the instance logs (which are accessible using the logs button on the instance page on the GUI). All errors encountered while running the backend code, as well as errors with the vast-pyworker code should be directed to this log file, so it can be helpful to check if something isn't working as expected. If looking at this doesn't solve the issue, there are dedicated logs on the instance which are found in the /home/workspace/vast-pyworker directory.

The log files are broken up according to the different functionalities of the vast-pyworker server. The log file for the backend inference server is infer.log. The log file for the vast-pyworker authorization, backend wrapper function calls, and autoscaler server performance update messages is auth.log. The log file for the monitoring of the backend inference server and autoscaler server loaded and error messages is watch.log.