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Note: The Teams feature is a new beta feature. Please be aware of potential issues, updates and refinements.

Introduction #'s Teams feature extends our powerful GPU compute services to collaborative environments. It allows multiple users to work together seamlessly in a shared space, managing serverless workers for AI Inference and GPU computing tasks collectively.

Key Features: #

  • Collaborative Environment: Enable teams to work together in a shared space, managing resources and tasks collectively.
  • Resource Allocation & Management: Team administrators can manage access among team members, ensuring efficient use of GPU workers. (In the future resource allocation will also be in play)
  • Consolidated Billing: Simplifies the financial management by consolidating usage and billing across the team.
  • Performance Metrics & Access Controls: Each team member can access shared metrics and logs, with custom access controls set by team owners.

Getting Started with Teams #

  1. Creating a Team: To create a new team, navigate to the Teams section in your dashboard. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your team.

  2. Inviting Members: Once your team is created, you can invite other users to join. Invitations can be sent via email to already existing users. (Will be updated later to include registration process)

  3. Managing Resources: After forming your team, you can start setting up shared permissions and rights. Team owners have full control over these settings.

  4. Collaborating on Projects: With your team and resources in place, you can begin collaborative projects, leveraging the power of shared GPU computing.

  5. Monitoring and Adjusting: Utilize the platform's monitoring tools to track team performance and resource usage. Adjust allocations and settings as needed to optimize your team's workflow.

Best Practices #

  • Regularly review resource allocation to ensure it meets the current needs of your team.
  • Encourage open communication within the team to make the most of the collaborative features.
  • Utilize the consolidated billing feature to simplify your team's financial management.

The Teams feature at is designed to bring a new level of collaboration and efficiency to your GPU computing tasks. By bringing together the power of our Autoscaling system with collaborative tools, your team is well-equipped to tackle complex, dynamic workloads effectively.