Docs - Console


What is the Console? #

The Vast console is our web application that is a user interface for using Vast. On it you can search avaliable machines, manage your instances, browse templates, view and edit your account information, purchase credit for using Vast, and much more. Many of this functionality within the console can also be performed with our CLI commands.

Page Walkthrough #

Getting to the Console from our website #

From our website you can click on the Console button in the top right corner to access our console.

From here, you can view some of our features such as the Search and Template pages, but some of our console pages you will need to be signed into an account to access.

Creating an Account #

Creating a Vast account is super easy, and you have a couple different sign in options available. Currently we support email/password, Google Account sign on, and Github Account sign on methods.

Common Questions #

Do I need to use the Console? #

No, you should be able to use Vast via the CLI if you prefer. You refer to our CLI commands for more on this. The console is for your convenience as a Vast user.

What is this section of the docs for? #

This section is for walking through the Console pages and answering many common questions users ask about the different aspects of your Vast account.