Docs - Overview

Introduction # is a market based cloud computing platform focused on reducing the costs and friction of compute-intensive workloads, enabling anyone to easily leverage large-scale GPU liquidity. Our software allows all compute providers large and small to easily monetize their spare capacity. Our search engine allows users to quickly find the best options and deals for compute services according to their specific requirements.

Key Features #

  • Spin up container instances with affordable, powerful GPU in seconds
  • Easily find the best offers matching specific compute requirements
  • Tap our global liquidity to quickly scale horizontally to thousands of GPUs
  • Preconfigured and custom shareable templates for one-click launches
  • Auto SSH and Jupyter setup for most existing images out of the box
  • Persistent storage
  • Direct data copy and cloud sync
  • On-Demand and Interruptible rental options (bid auction)
  • Access with our intuitive GUI, Python CLI or direct HTTPS REST APIs
  • Pick your security/trust tier: both secure datacenter and community servers
  • The best GPU instance pricing in the world

How it Works # is a global market for cloud computing services. Our providers range from individual hobbyists up to tier 4 datacenters with thousands of GPUs. Our software helps streamline and automate the hosting process while allowing providers full control over pricing and rental contract details. Our interface allows searching for machines based on all relevant details including GPU type, GPU ram, CPU, system RAM, connectivity, etc.

Mission #'s mission is to align and democratize AI. Machine learning is progressing towards powerful AI systems with the potential to radically reshape our future. We believe it is imperative that this awesome power be distributed widely; that its benefits accrue to the many rather than the few; that its secrets are unlocked for the good of all humanity. Towards these ends we work to ensure that the compute powering AI is supplied by the people and for the people.

Talk to Us #

You can contact us on our Discord, our live website chat, or via email:,