Docs - Hosting


Common Questions #

When will I get paid? #

It takes 2 weeks to get your first payout. The pay period ends and goes pending, then you are paid for that pay period the following Friday.

Why does it show paid on my invoice when I don't see the payment in my account yet? #

The paid status on invoices is marked as such when we send the payment list out to Paypal, Wise, Stripe, etc. This does not accurately represent the payment's status within Paypal, Wise, Stripe, etc., bu rather shows the status of the payment solely within our system.

Can I generate an invoice? #

You can create an invoice by going to the "Billing" page, and then click the box for "Include Charges" under "Generate Billing History".

How much can I make hosting on Vast? #

To get an understanding of prices, the best place is 500farms which is a third party website that monitors Vast listings. The link is here.