Docs - Hosting

Datacenter Status

Equipment that is in a certified datacenter on is eligible to be included in the "secure cloud" offering and recieve other benefits, such as the blue datacenter label. Individual certifications will eventually be highlighted so users can understand if a given host is compliant with HIPPA, GDPR, TIER 2/3 or ISO 27001. Users typically are willing to pay more for the security and reliability that comes with equipment that is in a proper facility.

Read through this documentation to understand the minimum requirements for becoming a datacenter partner and the specific verification steps that we will take to ensure compliance.

Benefits #

  • Blue datacenter label on all GPU offers in the web interface for equipment that is in the datacenter
  • Offers are included in the "secure cloud" searches in the CLI and in the web interface
  • Incresed reliabilty scoring
  • As a result of a few factors, generally higher search rankings in the marketplace
  • Direct Discord or Slack channel to for support

Requirements #

  1. ONE of the following third party certificates must be active:
    • ISO/IEC 27001
    • TIER 2+ Rating from the Uptime Institute
    • HIPPA compliance
    • FISMA compliance
  2. The equipment must be owned by a business
    • The business must be registered and up to date on all filings
    • The owners of the business must be listed on the registration or otherwise verifiable
  3. The company must sign the datacenter hosting Agreement
  4. The owner must undergo identity verification
  5. The host must have at least 5 GPU servers listed on or otherwise show they have a significant (5+ Servers) amount of equipment to list

Application Process #

In order to apply, you will need to first gather the required documentation:

  • Government issued IDs such as a passport for the business owner(s)
  • Business information such as a certificate of good standing or other recent record
  • The name and address of the datacenter where the equipment is located along with the relevant certificates
  • A contract or invoice from the datacenter linking the business
  • Other due dilligence documentation as required

Once you have the requiremed documentation, email us at and we can send a link for secure file transfer. Conversly, you could zip up the required documents and upload them to this secure Box folder as a single file using your associated email address.