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Referral Program

Vast has a referral reward program. You can drive traffic to your referral link or a public template referral link. If someone registers a new client account and purchases credits, you will receive 3% of the credits spent as a reward into your account. Furthermore, you can turn 75% of those referral credits into cash and withdraw it via Stripe Connect, Paypal or Wise.

A referred account will give you 3% rewards for the lifetime of the account!

We suggest using a separate account for referrals. It is also possible to create a Vast template for referrals that will autoload a Docker image and settings for a certain use case. Read below for details.

Setup a new account #

For simpler accounting, it is recommended to setup a new Vast account on a different email address for referrals. Without separate accounts, it will be hard to see how well your referral link is working.

If you use an existing client account, the credits will not appear as expected in your balance nor be available as earnings until your purchased credits are spent.

Navigate to your account page and find the referral link in the bottom right hand corner in the section for referrals. The hyperlink has your referral link. It should look like this:

When a new user clicks on that link, creates an account and purchases credits, you receive 3% of the purchased credits as a reward. Those credits will appear as a positive balance in the account.

Note that you cannot refer yourself or refer new accounts associated with yourself. Those accounts are not eligible for rewards.

Use a template for referrals #

Templates combine a Docker image, launch mode(s), an onstart script and other settings into a single configuration. They are very useful for a specific use case. For example, the Stable Diffusion template loads a Stable Diffusion Docker image, opens the port for the Automatic1111 webui, starts Jupyter for file transfer and then sets appropriate environment variables.

You could make your own Docker image and Vast template for a new use case and then set the template to public and refer people using that template link. That way the user will have the correct Vast settings pre-loaded when they come to the Vast website and will find it much easier to follow your instructions.

We have seen this system used well in Github repos and linked from Videos or Blogs. You can write software or develop content for a particular use case and then earn referral credits as your audience uses the Vast service.

The template link is available in the Edit image and config menu underneath the Docker image name.

The link will have this format:

Cashing out credits #

75% of earned referral credits can be cashed out using Stripe Connect (bank account), PayPal or Wise. Go to the earnings page to setup your cash out methods.

Larger referral opportunities #

Feel free to contact us at for larger referral or marketing opportunities.