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Team Invitations

Sending Team Invitations #

  1. Accessing Invitation Feature: Team managers and owners can send invitations from the team management section of the platform.

  2. Entering Email Addresses: To invite a new member, enter their email address in the invitation section. Then, select the role you want them to join as. You can send invitations to multiple individuals simultaneously.

  3. Sending the Invitation: Once the email addresses are entered and the message is set, click 'Send Invitation'. An email with a unique invitation link will be sent to each invitee.

Anyone with the proper permissions (currently team_write) can send invitations to invite team members at any role level.

Simply enter the team member's email, and the role you want to assign them in order to invite them. Team members must be invited with a specified role prior to sending the invitation.

Accepting Team Invitations #

  1. Receiving the Invitation Email: Invitees will receive an email containing an invitation link. This email may also include a message from the team manager or owner.

  2. Clicking the Invitation Link: To accept the invitation, the invitee should click on the link in the email. This link is unique to each invitee and ensures secure addition to the team.

  3. Completing the Joining Process: Clicking the link will initiate a set of operations to add the invitee to the team. This may involve signing into the platform and completing any additional required steps.

  4. Confirmation of Membership: Once the process is complete, the new member will be officially added to the team and will have access based on the role assigned to them.

If you receive a team invitation it should show up in your e-mail. Clicking the link provided will cause you to join the team. Currently, users can only be a member of a single team (subject to change).

Best Practices #

  • Ensure Accurate Email Addresses: Double-check the email addresses before sending invitations to avoid any miscommunication.
  • Communicate with Invitees: Inform potential team members that they will be receiving an invitation and what steps they need to follow.
  • Follow-up on Pending Invitations: Keep track of sent invitations and follow up with invitees who haven't joined yet.