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Team Creation

Understanding Team Creation #

Creating a team within the platform involves a unique process where your current user account is transformed into a team account. This document explains the key aspects of this conversion and its implications for team management and access.

Conversion of User Account to Team Account #

  • Irreversible Process: Once you convert your user account into a team account, this change is permanent and cannot be reversed. It's important to understand and consider this before initiating the conversion.

  • Inheritance of Account Attributes: The newly created team account will inherit all aspects of your existing user account, including billing information, cloud services, and any other account settings.

  • Team Owner Role: The user who initiates the team creation becomes the team owner. This role carries significant responsibilities and control over the team account.

Implications of Team Account Creation #

  1. No Ownership Transfer Mechanism: Currently, there is no feature to change the ownership of the team. The original creator of the team will remain the owner for the duration of the team account's existence.

  2. Role-Based Access for Team Members: When new members are added to the team, they are granted access to the shared team account based on the role assigned to them. These roles determine their level of access and control over the team's resources.

  3. Shared Resources and Responsibilities: As the team account is a conversion of an individual user account, all team members share the resources and responsibilities associated with it. This includes shared access to cloud services, billing, and any other functionalities available to the team.

Considerations #

  • Consider the Long-Term Implications: Carefully evaluate the decision to convert your user account into a team account, as this change is permanent.

  • Clear Communication with Team Members: Ensure that all potential team members are aware of the nature of the team account and their respective roles and permissions.

  • Plan for Team Management: Since team ownership cannot be transferred, plan accordingly for long-term management and control of the team account.

The process of creating a team on the platform is a significant decision that involves converting your personal user account into a shared team account. This conversion brings about specific changes in account management and access, which are crucial to understand for effective team collaboration and management.